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Our company is the largest manufacturer of fatty acids in Korea by using a full automation system& continuous process.

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Our Product

Beef Tallow Fatty Acids

Using pure beef tallow oil as a foundational fatty acid, it is used as an inducing agent for various additives.

Hydrogenated Fatty Acids

Hydrogenated with a catalyst, this product is used as a comprehensive for synthetic rubber.

Stearic Acids

A typical saturated fat and solid fatty acid, this is usually produced in bead or solid types and is used in tires, antifoaming agents, and bases.

Oleic Acids

A typical unsaturated fat, this is used via selective isolation in softening agents, surfactants, rust-preventing oil, rolling oil, and hydraulic operating fluids.

Soybean Fatty Acids

Soybean FatA typical vegetable fatty acid using soybeans as a base, this is used in synthetic resin, paint and varnish, and ink.y Acids

Cardanol Oil

Extracted and distilled from cashew nut shell oil (CNSL), this is used in paint and varnish and phenolic resin.


Colorless and odorless, this clear, viscous liquid is acquired through an isolation process of fatty acid and is used in paint and varnish, printing, cellophane, and as a single ingredient.


Product Process

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